Old people’s disease signal in the morning


Old people’s disease signal in the morning

Many diseases show unique symptoms in the morning. If you know and understand more than one year, you can find the disease early and treat it as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Wake up early Some elderly people wake up from sleep at 4-5 o’clock in the morning, tired and weak after waking up, and feel a little uneasy after waking up, but depressed and unhappy.

Clinical observation, early waking insomnia is mainly seen in patients with various types of depression and mental and psychological disorders, especially in patients with depression.

銆€銆€Puffiness If the elderly wake up in the morning, there is obvious edema on the head and face, especially the eyelid edema, suggesting that the patient has kidney disease or heart disease.

銆€銆€Morning stiffness is a morning stiffness. It means that after waking up in the morning, I feel the whole body joints, muscle stiffness and discomfort.

After the activity, the joints and muscles gradually expand.

Usually, if the elderly have obvious morning stiffness and the joint movement is not flexible, it means suffering from rheumatoid, rheumatism, bone hyperplasia and other diseases, some patients with allergic diseases, such as polymorphic erythema, dermatomyositis, crustDisease, etc., there will also be obvious morning stiffness.

銆€銆€Drought feeling Some elderly people feel unbearable after waking up at 4-5 o’clock in the morning, flustered and uncomfortable, accompanied by fatigue and weakness. If you eat some food, the symptoms can be alleviated.

But still have a dry mouth, want to drink water, these symptoms gradually disappear after eating breakfast, which suggests that patients may have diabetes.