A share market Wenji dancing digital infrastructure or long-term outlet

A share market Wenji dancing digital infrastructure or long-term outlet

European and American stock markets plummeted again, how to operate A shares?

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post.

  Securities Times reporter Mao Jun’s “retaliatory” consumption has not yet arrived, and infrastructure investment is on the way.

  In order to regain the time lost due to the pneumonia epidemic, huge infrastructure projects have been frequently launched recently in various places.

Yesterday, A shares also stabilized.

On the surface of the disk, the market smelled of “basic” dancing. Construction machinery, building materials, UHV and other infrastructure related sectors rose the most, and the popular technology, semiconductor, chip, and lithography machines and other technology stocks in the early stage adjusted significantly.

Kitakami funds sold 39 net.

4.2 billion yuan to lighten up for 5 consecutive days.

However, in the past week, Kitakami Capital has bought a number of infrastructure stocks against the trend and has bought 5 stocks with a value of more than 100 million.

  China Merchants Securities said that the amount of special debt issued in early 2020 will increase significantly compared with the same period in 2019.

The release of special debt is of great significance to the sales volume of the construction machinery industry in 2020.

Against the background of the impact of industries such as consumption and exports, fiscal policies may remain moderately accommodative in the second half of the year, and the industrial chain related to infrastructure and real estate is expected to benefit.

  However, some people have pointed out that China’s new round of “infrastructure era” is no longer the traditional era of infrastructure represented by “iron public infrastructure” and real estate, but 5G, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, new energy, new energy vehiclesRepresented by the “digital infrastructure” era.

The advent of the “digital infrastructure” era is bringing new historical changes to A shares, and investors also need to pay attention to the risk of short-term market fluctuations.

  Overweight infrastructure investment in various places Recently, huge infrastructure projects have been frequently launched in various places.

The Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the List of Major Projects in Fujian Province in 2020”, which lists 1,567 key projects with a total investment of 3.

84 trillion yuan; Yunnan implemented the “Double Ten” major infrastructure project with a total investment of about 3.

6 trillion yuan; Henan announced 980 key construction projects with a total investment of 3.

3 trillion yuan; Shanghai announced major projects this year, with a total investment of 150 billion yuan.

  In an interview with a Securities Times reporter, a large-scale infrastructure investment company in the central region said in an interview with Securities Times reporters that in order to capture the income of the infrastructure investment market after the epidemic, the projects under construction were promoted in an orderly manner to ensure the smooth progress of operation and maintenance of operation and maintenance projects.Pay attention to policy guidance, keep an eye on key livelihood projects and major infrastructure projects in core markets and key strategic areas of the country, especially after the pandemic, and focus on plans and arrangements for new projects throughout the industry chain in the medical and health industries.To seize the market potential after the epidemic. ”

  Construction machinery, building materials and other sectors took the lead.

Yesterday, the index of the construction machinery sector gapped higher and opened higher, with heavy volume rising by 3.

4%, a new high of nearly four and a half years.

Leading stock Hanzhong Seiki hit a daily limit again yesterday after the daily limit on Wednesday, closing the Yang line for the ninth consecutive trading day, from a post-holiday low of 7.

1 yuan calculation, the period gradually increased by 71%.

Data on margin financing and securities lending show that financing customers continue to chase up and increase their positions. Net purchases of 17.36 million yuan on Tuesday and net purchases of 8.37 million yuan on Wednesday.

  The building materials sector index also rose sharply 2 yesterday.

22%, not only set a new high in more than 4 and a half years, it is only one step away from the highest point in history in 2015.

The daily limit of China Plastics Holdings, Mona Lisa, Fujian Cement, Keshun shares, etc. led the gains.

  Obviously, in the background of the recent great market quake and the continued net replacement of Beijing Capital, Beijing Capital has been buying Sany Heavy Industry for six consecutive days, which is one of the stocks with the largest net purchases during the period.

  China Railway Construction, Beijing New Construction Materials, Zhejiang Dingli, and Shangfeng Cement (right protection) have also received a reverse net purchase of over 100 million yuan in capital from Beijing in the past week.

  Guosen Securities said that in the long run, the policy of stable growth after the epidemic impact is expected to increase, counter-cyclical adjustments continue to increase, and the continued construction of previously approved projects is also expected to bring back demand.Cement is optimal.

At the same time, the current estimated level of each sub-sector in the building materials industry is at a historically low level.

  Power grid construction exceeds expectations. Digital infrastructure is already on the road. In addition to various overweight infrastructures, the State Grid Corporation of China has recently issued key tasks in 2020, detailing 31 specific ten major categories including power grid construction, transmission and distribution costs, and incremental power distribution.Work content, of which part of the power grid construction again exceeded expectations.

  In addition to the start-up projects announced by developing countries, the State Grid has further accelerated the approval of 7 UHV projects including Nanyang-Jingmen-Changsha, Nanchang-Changsha, and other five-to-two projects during the year, and has accelerated the advancement of multiple power grid projects such as Fujian-Guangdong interconnection.jobs.
  Huachuang Securities pointed out that according to past experience, the investment in an UHV project is usually around 20 billion yuan.

The investment and construction of the power grid, including the UHV project, has exceeded expectations and will bring direct benefits to related equipment companies.

  Yesterday, the volume of the UHV sector rose sharply by 3.12%, a new high for this round.

Guodian Nanzi, Fengfan shares, Zhongyuan shares, Baobian Electric and other 7 stocks daily limit, Pinggao Electric, Tongda shares, Guodian Narui and other leading gainers.

  Leading high-quality companies in the UHV sector have also recently received funding favors.

After the holiday, the capital of Northbound Shanghai Xu Ji Electric increased more than 2.5 million shares, and since this week, financing net buyers have bought 35.93 million yuan.

The shareholding of Pinggao Electric’s Northbound Capital increased from 7.88 million shares before the holiday to the current 13 million shares. Financing customers have bought 14.19 million yuan this week.

  Guosen Securities said that in the 北京桑拿洗浴保健 face of the huge impact of national epidemic prevention and control on domestic demand and foreign trade, power grid companies shoulder huge social responsibilities to promote economic recovery and growth in terms of reducing electricity costs and driving investment. The UHV equipment sector will welcomeTo stronger demand cycles.

  Almost, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guidelines on Orderly Promoting the Resumption of Production and Resumption of Production in Industrial Communication Enterprises”, and proposed to promote the resumption of production and resumption of production in key industries. It will focus on supporting 5G, industrial Internet, integrated circuits, industrial robots, and value-added materials manufacturing., Intelligent manufacturing, new display, new energy vehicles, energy saving and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries.

  Doing 北京夜网 a good job in 5G development and resumption of production and accelerating the pace of 5G business is the key word.

In the era of Internet and informationization and intelligence, “digital infrastructure” is a real new industry ecology. More development modes of light assets, high-tech content and high added value are the long-term outlets, and most of them are related to the lives of ordinary people andPeople’s livelihood is closely related.

5G technology is the foundation of the “digital infrastructure” era.

  An industry insider believes that the most typical feature of “digital infrastructure” is technology. In the A-share market, technology stocks have ushered in a round of bull market, which facilitates the direct financing of a large number of small and medium-sized technology companies and solves the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises.The “big boss” of expensive financing and difficult financing of enterprises has promoted the direct financing of the capital market and the development of the equity financing market.

The “creating blue chips” and “technology blue chips” in the A-share market are expected to rise in batches.