After an hour of siesta is equivalent to white sleep

After an hour of siesta is equivalent to white sleep

It is easy to be sleepy in summer, but some citizens have become dizzy and sleepy, and their limbs are weak after taking a nap.

Yesterday, Huang Xiao’an, a traditional Chinese physician who is the deputy director of the city’s traditional Chinese hospital and an expert on the excellent life advisory group of the newspaper, said that most of the sleepiness after nap was caused by incorrect sleeping posture.

  ”You can’t overeat before nap, and it’s best to take a nap half an hour after a meal.

Huang Xiaoan said that the stomach needs blood to digest after a meal, and if you fall asleep immediately, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

At the same time, siesta should not exceed 1 hour, half an hour is most suitable.

Huang Xiaoan said that if conditions permit, it is best to lie in a sofa or bed during a nap, and prolonged lying on the work table can easily make the brain lack of oxygen, and it is easy to lose limbs after nap.

Trainee reporter Cai Li