Vegetarian nutrition has a big mystery


Vegetarian nutrition has a big mystery

Since the reform and opening up, the estimates and nutritional status of residents in developing countries have been significantly improved, and malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies have been significantly reduced.

At the same time, however, at the same time experiencing a surprisingly rapid change, that is, the transition to a new stage of nutritional change, the outstanding feature is the unfortunate and animal-like foraging.

銆€銆€(1) Excessive intake of food, the situation is sensational (2) sputum collocation, reasonable diet (3) sputum collocation, strengthen the therapeutic effect From the perspective of health care, reasonable scorpion collocation can strengthen dietefficacy!

Make it complement each other.

Therefore, when making amaranth, it is best to mix the appropriate vegetables, which can enhance the nutritional value, but also eat delicious and healthy.

銆€銆€Pork with onions and onions can promote micro-metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, and reduce impurities caused by high pork snacks.

In fact, pork can also be combined with moisturizing melon and lily, etc., are good choices.

銆€銆€Beef with potatoes, beef has good nutritional value and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. But the beef fiber is very thick, sometimes it will stimulate the gastric mucosa. It is cooked with potatoes and beef. It is not only delicious, but also protects the stomach.

銆€銆€The mutton is served with ginger and mutton blood. The ginger has the effect of relieving pain and rheumatism.

With mutton and ginger, ginger can remove the smell of sheep and help the mutton warm and cold.

銆€銆€Fish with tofu, fish meat is rich in methionine, phenylalanine content is low, and tofu is just the opposite.

Use fish and tofu to eat, you can take advantage of the length.

Moreover, the tofu contains calcium metabolism, which can overcome the role of vitamin D in fish and improve the body’s absorption rate of calcium.

銆€銆€Chicken with chestnuts, chestnuts can strengthen the spleen and stomach, chicken is a good product for hematopoietic treatment, chicken and chestnuts, help the absorption of nutrients in chicken, and the hematopoietic function will also increase.

銆€銆€Duck meat with yam, yam has a strong ability to fill the yin, duck meat can only make up the yin, but also can eliminate heat and cough.

With yam and duck meat, you can eliminate the greasy taste of duck meat. Health tips often eat soy products, vegetables, seafood, meat, glutinous rice and other foods. The health level is significantly higher than that of single vegetarian or glutinous rice.Eaten people.

銆€銆€When stewing meat, it is best to mix the appropriate vegetables to increase the nutritional value and to eat delicious and healthy.

銆€銆€The expected pattern of science is: moderate, high-quality, low-unfortunate animal foods, supplemented with a large number of whole-grain products