U.S. government agencies close multiple national parks

U.S. government agencies “close” multiple national parks
When you look at Yosemite Falls, plastic bottles and garbage bags greet you.Dakota Snyder, a Yosemite National Park employee, said.  Many institutions of the US federal government entered the 11th day of closing on the 1st. Many national parks operated without administrators and camp service personnel. They are being devoured by destructive actions such as defecation, littering and illegal off-road driving.  John Gadell, senior budget director at the nonprofit National Parks and Maintenance Association, told the Associated Press that unlike previous administrations’ responses to the government shutdown, current President Donald Trump allowed the park to be open to tourists during employee shutdowns.Gaddell fears that the park’s natural resources or historical relics will be severely damaged . the safety of tourists is affected.  Snyder said that groups of tourists drove to Yosemite Park for free sightseeing, and there were only a handful of administrators on duty.Normally open bathrooms are also limited.Visitors let dogs run around without tying ropes in the presence of bears and many other wildlife, discarding garbage bags along the way.  Snyder, 24, is a native and has worked in this national park in California for 4 years.He said more garbage, feces, and ignoring regulations than I’ve seen here in the past 4 years.  A spokesman for the National Park Service, Jeremy Barnum, said that if any area threatens people’s health, safety, or wildlife due to issues such as litter, the US Department of the Interior’s agency must close it.Yosemite Park on the 1st announced the closure of some 北京夜网 almost unattended campsites and overwhelmed public areas in the park.Central California’s Sequoia National Park and Kings Valley National Park closed some areas that night.Colorado Rockies National Park will close toilets and lock trash cans at multiple locations.  Yellowstone National Park spans Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. In winter, almost all roads are closed, which means that visitors can only go to the attractions with a guide.Travel agencies that provided tour guide services originally provided tourists only with snowmobiles and other means of transportation. Now they work for federal government employees, cleaning roads, hauling rubbish, and putting toilet paper in toilets.  Of course, we are reluctant to do this. Travis Swat, general manager of a travel agency, said that the park’s service staff did a good job of their own jobs, and we hate them to stop work . but we can get things done.(Chen Dan)[Xinhua News Agency Microblog]Original Title: U.S. Government Closes Doors and Rubbish in Many National Parks