How to better compensate for cerebral hemorrhage?


How to better compensate for cerebral hemorrhage?

In winter, because of the climate, many elderly people are more prone to cerebral hemorrhage, and these diseases usually have no major impact, but once the reversal of our health is very harmful, Chinese medicine believes that prevention of cerebral hemorrhage is mainly in the diet.A lot of attention.

So how is cerebral hemorrhage better?

For the elderly who are prone to cerebral hemorrhage, what food is good for?

What kind of food does the patient with cerebral hemorrhage eat?

1, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Because it contains vitamin C and potassium, magnesium and so on.

Vitamin C can lower cholesterol, enhance the density of blood vessels, prevent bleeding, and protect potassium and magnesium from tube.

2, you can eat more foods rich in iodine.

Such as kelp, seaweed, shrimp, etc., iodine can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the arterial wall and prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

3, long-term blended milk, (fresh milk 600 ml, thick rice soup 350 ml, 2 eggs, 50 grams of sugar, 10 grams of sesame oil, and 3 grams of salt).

4, in order to prevent constipation, should eat more fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, celery, leeks and fruits.

5, to maintain excess water in the body, so that the blood is reduced.

The dinner should be light.

Before going to bed at night, in the morning, drink 1?
2 cups of warm water.

6, the diet should have appropriate protein, often eat egg whites, lean meat, fish and a variety of beans and soy products to supply the body with the amino acid.

Recommended for cerebral hemorrhage of food supplement 1, black fungus 6 grams, water bubbles, add substitute or steamed food.

It can lower blood fat, anti-thrombosis and anti-platelet aggregation.

2, 5 celery roots, 10 red dates, Shuijianbi, jujube soup, can reduce cholesterol.

3, eat fresh hawthorn or use the hawthorn to soak the water, add the right amount of honey, cool down as a tea.

If the stroke is complicated by diabetes, it is not advisable to add honey.

4, raw garlic or onion 10-15 grams can reduce blood lipids, and has the effect of enhancing fibrin activity and anti-vascular sclerosis.

5, cerebral hemorrhage patients after eating 5-10 ml of vinegar, have the effect of softening blood vessels.

6, Crystal Mountain.

Hawthorn 15 pieces of nuclear, rock sugar amount, cooked, add yam powder 15 grams, and then cook for a while, twice a day, the elderly are the main population of cerebral hemorrhage.