Opening door fever is gradually retreating and listed insurance companies are entering the adjustment period

“Opening door” fever is gradually retreating and listed insurance companies are entering the adjustment period

The premium results of listed insurance companies for the first four months have been announced one after another.

In the indicator of the original insurance premium income for a single month in April, the four major life insurance companies even maintained a positive growth rate, but all showed negative growth.

This reflects that after experiencing the “starting” marketing boom, listed insurance companies as a whole have entered the second quarter adjustment period.

  From January to April this year, China Life Insurance, Ping An of China, China Pacific Insurance, and Xinhua Insurance’s original insurance premium income in the life insurance business swap growth rates were about: 6 respectively.

9%, 8.

04%, 4.

76%, 9.

61%, both stable and rising.

  However, from the single-month data in April, the original insurance premium income of the four major life insurance companies has increased at a rate of about -30.

77%, 12.

0%, 13.

0%, 10.

36%, of which, China Life has seen some obvious shifts due to the high base during the same period; the chain growth rates were about -72.

96%, -12.

19%, -62.

0%, -46.


Compared 深圳spa会所 to March, the four major life insurance companies have all shifted.

  The reason for the collective growth of the “Waterloo” may still be related to changes in the insurance industry.

According to the analysis of relevant persons, the “opening door” has just passed, and the second quarter is usually the traditional off-season sales season for the insurance industry. During this time, the insurance company will generally enter the adjustment period, including adjustment of business structure, marketing strategy, and agent adjustment training.The strategy is mainly focused on increasing the number of agents and new product development, rather than continue to vigorously promote sales.

  In addition, some people think that there is an objective reason behind the decrease in the chain ratio, which is the auditing of insurance agents that began at the end of March this year.

Specifically, for insurance companies, the regulatory authority requires a comprehensive check and verification of the list of valid personnel, self-checking of their own personnel management system data, based on which to review the data of the intermediary system, focusing on and clearing the grassroots institutions for illegal tax avoidance and collection of feesThe false increase of false personnel eliminates false personnel in the intermediary system.

  According to requirements, insurance companies should complete more than 50% of self-inspection tasks by April 30, and complete all self-examination and verification tasks by May 31.

“From the point of time, the insurance company’s cleaning up of insurance agents with substandard performance has, to a certain extent, affected the substitution of the disadvantaged side’s expansion speed.

“The person in charge of the insurance team of an insurance company told reporters, however, after the completion of the cleanup, it is expected that the companies will continue to start adding staff to achieve a steady recovery in sales team and premium growth.

  In the eyes of the supreme people, the entire life insurance industry is currently facing pressure from a certain external environment and its own transformation, and the industry is entering a period of substantial differentiation.

In this process, large companies, mainly listed insurance companies, have deep sales channel accumulation, comprehensive management, management level, and stronger product innovation capabilities, which can replace competitive advantages.

  ”You can’t just watch the data change for one month.

At present, life insurance companies are more likely to achieve the expected balanced growth in value.

Fundamentally, the insurance industry has experienced an optimization of the premium structure, in which the proportion of agent channels, the proportion of future payments, and the proportion of guaranteed insurance have been increased.

It is expected that listed insurance companies this year will still be able to achieve a higher new business value rate.

“A mainstream investment bank analysis said.

  It is understood that a number of listed insurance companies have comprehensively transformed the sales of guaranteed products after the Spring Festival this year. It is expected that the growth rate of guaranteed types will exceed the growth of overall new orders.

Therefore, some investment bankers estimate that the critical illness insurance of listed insurance companies has contributed 70% to 80% of the value of new business, and is still continuing to increase.

Driven by guaranteed products, it is expected that the new business value of listed insurance companies in 2019 is expected to achieve a growth rate of more than 10%.