Note that these five behaviors can cause infertility

Note that these five behaviors can cause infertility

In addition to infertility issues such as birth and age, there are many unfavorable behaviors before marriage that do not arouse the awareness of female friends, thus laying the hidden dangers of infertility.

Behavior 1: excessive weight loss causes infertility due to severe malnutrition

In order to lose weight, it leads to imbalanced nutrition and a sharp decrease in protein absorption, which will affect reproductive function and stop ovulation.

Severe deficiency of trace elements will also affect growth ability, such as iron deficiency, it is difficult to maintain normal menstrual flow and menstrual cycle, zinc deficiency is likely to cause ovarian dysfunction, and iodine deficiency may cause amenorrhea.

Behavior two: menstrual sex causes endometriosis and severe pelvic adhesions. From the perspective of women’s physical health, menstrual sex is not promoted.

Usually, cervical cancer is closed to prevent bacteria from entering the pelvic cavity. However, the incidence of menstrual periods is relaxed and the protective ability is reduced. If you have sex at this time, it is easy for bacteria and blood to enter the pelvic cavity and cause infection.

What’s more serious is that if the menstrual blood in the backflow is left in the pelvis, it may cause endometriosis.

Behavior three: Multiple flow of people causes a variety of diseases to transform into a stream of people that can easily cause pelvic inflammatory disease, separation of fallopian tubes, damage to the endometrium, or the formation of lipid adhesions.

The fallopian tube is a very important reproductive system channel, and the termination of inflammation leads to infertility.

Therefore, it is not advisable to do more abortion, and we should insist on doing a good job of contraception.

Behavior 4: Long-term smoking affects the nicotine and nicotine contained in uterine smoke, which can cause vascular tension in the whole body, and therefore affect the uterine blood vessels.

Smoking is prone to miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy, and by the middle of pregnancy, one of the most dangerous complication during pregnancy-becoming hypertensive.

Long-term smoking will damage the entire hormonal system of the body, affect ovarian function, cause endocrine disorders and cause infertility.

Behavior 5: Excessive psychological pressure causes amenorrhea. Modern people have a lot of mental stress, so that the ovaries no longer secrete female hormones and ovulation, and menstruation begins to distort and even amenorrhea.

In this case, of course, it is not easy to get pregnant.

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