Slimming mm must see: 2 hours weightlifting fitness

Slimming mm must see: 2 hours weightlifting fitness

The focus of the study is on deep fat in the abdomen, where deep fat surrounds the surrounding organs, and fat itself is the least healthy, and fat is often associated with heart disease.
銆€銆€”One of the most common complaints of women, especially when we continue to grow older, especially after menopause, the most common complaint is the hypertrophy of the abdomen.
Dr. Steven W. West said she is a cardiologist at the Women’s Heart Center at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas.
“My most anxious person is the apple-shaped person.
“The more fat, the more it is deposited in the arteries,” said Steven.
銆€銆€The study is supported by the National Health Service and will be presented at the American Heart Association meeting in Phoenix on Friday.
銆€銆€164 24-year-old to 44-year-old, overweight and obese Minnesota women were divided into two groups.
One group will participate in a two-year weight training program, and the other group will only have a booklet that recommends 30 minutes to an hour of exercise during most of the week.
Both groups were told not to change their diet because any dietary changes could result in weight changes.
銆€銆€For women who had been weight-training for two years, only 7% had increased fat in the abdomen, while 21% in the other group had increased fat in the abdomen.
For the weight training group, 4% reduced body fat, while the other group did not.
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銆€銆€鈥淚 think we need to offer diverse possibilities to people, and diverse approaches lead to the same results.
If you are willing to do it, I will tell you to eliminate the fat in the abdomen.
Kathryn Schmitz of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine said he is an infectious disease scientist.
The combination of weightlifting exercises and instruments, weightlifting exercises, is encouraged to gradually increase the weight of the lift.
Of course, these exercises cannot be done at home alone, unless there is a special place in the basement of your home.
Schmitz said that the key is the lower back, buttocks and thighs on the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.
She noticed that the increased muscle mass can help overweight women move more quickly, so they can burn more calories.
銆€銆€F-Redberg – Dr. Rita, a cardiologist at the University of San Francisco in California, points out that because muscle burns more calories than fat, it’s a way to make muscle blocks consume more calories.
鈥淚t is true that any type of exercise will have an effect compared to not doing anything.
Redberg said: “I think that practice is the source of young people.”