Massage six acupoints to help you easily get rid of the disease


Massage six acupoints to help you easily get rid of the disease


Taibai Point: Relieve the position of the foot pain: Place one foot on the other leg and you will see an elliptical arc in the center of the foot. This is the arch.

The starting point of this arc is the location of the Taibai point.

Many people will find foot pain after walking for a while and find that it can effectively relieve foot pain.

In fact, this is because your massage stimulates the white hole in front of your foot, so it will have a pain relief effect.

In addition to helping the massage, the Taibai point can be used to take off the shoes and socks, set the foot up, and use the heel of the other foot to step on the method to stimulate the Taibai point, so that the effect of stimulating the acupuncture points is better.

This is because in addition to the better strength of the foot, it is the principle of balancing the body.

The body grows very symmetrical, the left and right feet, the left and right hands are two-two opposite, just like the two sides of the balance.

During massage, consciously use the body’s alternative to massage the other side, which can better adjust the balance of the body.


Weizhong Point: Relieve the position of low back pain: the acupoint posture should be adopted in the prone position. The middle point of the sacral point is located at the midpoint of the transverse striate, the middle of the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon, which means the middle of the inner side.

Lumbar disc herniation, pain in the lower back and legs, numbness of complications, including posterior fasciitis, etc., can be used according to the points in the sputum.

The wet hot water of the bladder is gathered here, and the turbidity can be distinguished by pressing this point.

In addition, patients with frozen shoulder can also try to use the right finger from the back to try to the tip of the left finger, and then vice versa.

By doing this, the action similar to sputum is very effective in relieving pain.


Yangchi Point: Protecting the wrist position: The Yangchi and Daling points are on the back and inner side of the wrist, which is the midpoint of the wrist back.

In Chinese medicine, many acupuncture points are opposite each other and match each other.

Yangchi and Daling are such a pair of points, all on the wrist, protecting the wrist joints one after the other.

The joint is the most active part of the body and the most prone to wear, especially the wrist.

You can massage these two points when you call: use a stethoscope to hold the microphone, stand up, and stimulate the acupuncture points of the other hand with one hand, which avoids the disadvantages of sedentary and protects the wrist.


Yongquan Point: Position of Kidney and Strong Bone: Yongquan Point is located at the sole of the foot. At the front fracture of the foot, the depression at the time of the flexion is.

Yongquan Point is an important acupuncture point of the kidney. It is often massaged at this point. It has the effect of strengthening the marrow, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the yang, and strengthening the bones.

Sitting cross-legged every night before going to bed, use both hands to massage or bend the pressure on both sides of the Yongquan point, to achieve a sore feeling of the point, 50 to 100 times each time, can effectively relieve fatigue, kidney and bone.


Zusanli Point: Replenishing the spleen and stomach: 10 cm under the outer knee, cover your own cheekbones with your palm, with the five fingers pointing down, the middle finger is the point.

Zusanli is the main point of the stomach.

The stomach is a “feeding warehouse” of the human body. The food in the stomach can only be digested, decomposed and absorbed in time, and other organs of the human body can get excess nutrients in order to make the body healthy and full.

Pressing the ginseng for three times a night can not only replenish the spleen and stomach, improve the diet, restore digestion and absorption, enhance the body’s immune function, and strengthen the body and evil spirits, but also eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, rejuvenate the spirit, and stay young.


Neiguan Point: Improve heart function position: Two horizontal fingers on the wrist transverse stripes, we use a little bit of strength, there are two big tendons, between the two big tendons is the Neiguan point, there is a very soreness in light pressinga feeling of.
Heartache, heart palpitations, and chest pain are common diseases in the elderly.

Regular massage of Neiguan points, you can become a role in protecting the heart, can calm the nerves, qi and pain, can also treat motion sickness, seasickness, etc., the pregnancy response to nausea and vomiting in the first 3 months of pregnancy is also very effective.

When you massage the inner point, you can insert the wrist up and down or use the coin side wheel to scroll and press 鎻?for half an hour every day.