The frost is coming, the golden period of health, anti-5 disease, eating 7 things, healthy health and autumn and winter


The frost is coming, the golden period of health, anti-“5 disease”, eating “7 things”, healthy health and autumn and winter

Today is the frost, and the last solar term in the fall, which means that the fall is coming to an end, winter is about to begin, and it means the weather will be cold.

At this time, people are also prone to being afflicted with some diseases, and it is also a period of high incidence of some diseases. It is a crucial moment for health and health.

The frost is coming, the golden period of health, anti-“5 disease”, eating “7 things”, physical health, autumn and winter frost coming, pay attention to prevent 5 major diseases 1, after the high blood pressure is downgraded, the weather will become colder, cold air will stimulateThe sympathetic excitation causes the blood vessels to contract, so the blood pressure will rise, which is likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

At this time, pay attention to dressing, cut into non-increased increase or decrease of clothing, to be appropriate and cool; pay attention to proper exercise, enhance the body’s immunity; pay attention to rest, prevent fatigue; diet adjustment, eat less salty food, eat more fruits and vegetablesTo protect your health.

2, vascular occlusion in the arterial plaque temperature decline, blood circulation will slow down, middle-aged and young people with less exercise may have leg pain, swelling and other phenomena, which may be caused by lower extremity vascular occlusion, poor blood circulation.

If the lower limbs are cold, the color changes, the feeling is diminished, and patients with diabetes, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other diseases should pay more attention to check the treatment.

3, arthritis cold weather, many people with joint problems are prone to attack, especially rheumatoid arthritis, will gradually increase its gradual decline and increase.

At this time, you must pay attention to keep warm, especially the warmth of joints and joints, more sun exposure, and functional exercise, which are beneficial to health and joint protection.

4, cold weather of cerebral hemorrhage will lead to vasoconstriction, elevated blood pressure, easy to cause bleeding and cerebral vascular rupture, and cold will lead to increased blood pressure viscosity, but also increased risk.

At this time, especially in high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to keep warm, use hot water to bathe in the bath, once the phenomenon of blood vessel blockage, such as chest tightness, dizziness, limb numbness, lethargy, etc., should be highlyProve that the treatment is checked promptly.

5, gastrointestinal disease is good prospectively prominent men suffering from stomach pains cold weather, people’s appetite has also greatly enhanced, plus many people like to drink to warm up, which increases the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, at this time, the diet should be moderate, eat high protein, sorghum, high sugar and irritating food, while paying attention to the amount of alcohol, especially spirits.

Once you have stomach upset, you should adjust your diet and pay attention to rest in order to ensure your health.

The frost is coming, these foods may eat more, the autumn pear frost is coming, the weather is cold, this time is a period of cough, chronic bronchitis is prone to occur, this time eating autumn pear is conducive to the health of the lungs.

Eating autumn pears can clear away heat and detoxify, produce fluid and moisturize dryness, and clear heart and reduce fire.

2, Apple Apple has always been a healthy food.

After the frost, the fruit is gradually reduced, but Apple can be listed in large quantities. At this time, eating apples is a good choice.

Apple is rich in organic acids and cellulose, which can prevent dry stools and prevent constipation. Apple’s big vitamins and malic acid can promote accidental decomposition, which is conducive to weight loss in autumn and winter.

3, duck meat is recommended food for frost, duck meat is rich in protein, and cool, can nourish yin and nourish the stomach, spleen tonic, not easy to get angry, is the autumn and winter food.

4, persimmon must be said in the frost is persimmon, the folks have a “frozen drop to eat persimmon, will not runny nose” statement, which shows that eating frost persimmon is good for health.

Persimmon is rich in vitamin C, which helps to improve the body’s immunity and reduce the incidence of colds.

5, radish saying that “autumn and winter radish ginseng”, when eating radish, it must be correct.

Eating radish in autumn and winter can help digestion, phlegm and asthma, clearing heat and suffocating, reducing swelling and phlegm, eating radish when eating meat in autumn and winter, can prevent fire and constipation, and can relieve throat pain, cough and other symptoms.Preventing a cold can also help.

6, after the yam cream is down, people are prone to qi and blood, so people are prone to illness.

And eating yam can nourish qi and blood, and yam also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefiting the lungs and relieving cough.

7, a lot of places in the beef have the custom of eating beef, this is not only to treat themselves, but also to enhance physical fitness and prevent colds.

There is “Hanshi Medical Communication” records: “Yellow beef, qi, and Jinhuang 鑺?same work”, the frost can eat beef can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, good spleen and stomach digestion, blood and blood is strong immunityThis is also very good.