Non-mainstream sports toys

Non-mainstream sports toys

It is like a colorful halo hovering in the sky when it is exercising and entertaining at night. It is colorful, sparkling, beautiful and charming.

After throwing a flight of 20 meters or more, it will automatically return to the thrower’s hands, which is stunned and refreshed.

It can fly high and low, fly far and close, and can fly out of different patterns.

This is the flying device, a new type of outdoor square public entertainment fitness project.

  The flying device is also known as boomerang, home return device, flying device and other names. As the name implies, it will fly back after flying out.

Its shapes are “V”, banana, bell, three-leaf, “ten”, multi-leaf, and various other shapes.

  At present, as early as the Neolithic era, cross-shaped hunting gear made of thinned hardwood chips has appeared. Hunters of the primitive tribe often used this kind of weapon to fight birds and beasts. In the constant throwing, they found different crossUnder the influence of wind, it can go back and forth.

The acrobatic academia believes that China’s earliest acrobatics program was a flying device.

I believe many of you have seen acrobatics performers flying on the TV after they circled around the head of the audience in a circle of exclamation and flew back to the performers and won applause.

(In fact, you can do it with more practice.) The “V” and banana-type fly-thru devices were traditional hunting tools of Aboriginal people in Australia. After the skilled hunter sends the fly-thrower to the prey, if there is noThe target flying around during the breakdown will magically return to the sender’s hand.

The flying device has long been embedded in Australia’s mainstream culture, so a special custom has emerged. When guests leave, the owner buys a flying device as a parting gift.

The gift contains a blessing, which is to wish him to fly and fly back.

Now the flying bobbin has become the darling of Australians today. People are aiming it at toys and sports equipment for throwing games. This sport has long been popular in Europe and the United States, and there is a worldwide flying bobble tournament.

French Stephen, November 26, 1989.

Margaret set a record of 801 consecutive hands-on flights in Lyon.

The record of the farthest return point of the fly-over is 134.

2 meters, this is American Jim.

Young Brad was created in December 1989 in Thursburg, Maryland, USA.

The most continuous flight of the fly-by device (throw yourself out again) is 2 minutes 59 seconds 94.

This is by American Dennis.

Joyce was created on June 25, 1987 in Bethlehem, a federal state.

American John.

Flynn set a record of recovering 70 flying devices in 5 minutes in Switzerland on August 20, 1988.

Playing two flying devices at the same time, one of them must keep a record of 89 flights in the air, this is American Chet.

Snowford was created on August 20, 1989 in Gunnison, Colorado.

 The flying fly-in device is very suitable for modern people as an outdoor recreation and fitness sport, breathing fresh air on the grass outdoors, and completing the throwing and recycling process with the coordination of the whole body of hands, eyes and legs.

In the process of flying, you can fully experience the unique flying fun. When the flying level is gradually improved, you will have a deeper interest, and your boots will reach a healthy body.

  After many years of practice and summary, the flying device has achieved the highest in three worlds: the world ‘s most powerful sports toy that can be thrown back by human power. At present, the flying record has reached over 238 meters.Nue, held by Hütz), set a Guinness World Record, and the ability to reach such a long distance is mainly due to the magical design of the fitness flying device.

It is the most widely used sports toy in the world. It can be used by men, women, and children for direct entertainment and fitness.

It is the most played sports toy in the world, with incomplete statistics. There are dozens of methods of “flying around” for entertainment, fitness and competition.